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IR-CAM 59x


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  The 595 is one of the all time greatest handheld thermal imaging systems ever produced. Featuring high performance uncooled thermal imaging, full radiometric data, sharp color and the easiest to use control set of any camera out there. The 595 is the weapon of choice for almost any thermal application you can come up with. Contact us today for pricing and availability.
The 320 x 240 focal plane array detector produces an ultra smooth image displaying the thermal differences in the scene. Multiple color palates are available (onboard and via software) to help you pinpoint the exact data that you need. The Thermacam PM-595's 320x240 Microbolometer Array provides you with the latest high resolution, low noise, uncooled thermal image available. The bolometer detector is virtually zero maintenance and requires no cryogenic (LN2 or cold finger) cooling to produce crisp clean infrared images.
  Custom Fabricated LCD Flat panel display with "Clear-Shell" face and ultra bright TFT performance. The LCD panel attaches to the camera via proprietary quick lock connection and requires no additional power supply! This is an indispensable option when doing work in tight areas, on rooftops, looking up at buss ducts / transmission lines, or even for comfortable viewing in a laboratory / Research and Development application.
This image clearly shows an area of moisture infiltration in a high ceiling of a residential structure. This classic pooling effect is usually indicitive of moisture rather than improper insulation. Moisture damage like this can lead to mold conditions if not properly fixed.
This image shows a wider area of moisture infection but not as high a degree of water saturation. The small degree of temperature differential (around 3 degrees F) indicates this situation. The Thermovision series of imagers is an excellent choice for this type of inspection.


» Specifications » 3D Model

Detector  320 x 240 uncooled Focal Plane Array 
Spectral Response  7-14 micron 
Start Up Time  <30 seconds 
Contrast / Brightness  Automatic / manual gain / level / polarity or RS232 controlled 
Optics  18mm 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm Germanium 
Ouptut Format  NTSC / PAL compatible and Digital out 
Digital Zoom  2x RS232 controlled 
Size (18mm Lens)  3.7"L x 4"W x 4.9"H (94 x 102 x 125mm) 
Weight (18mm Lens)  1.6lbs. (.73kg) 
Operating Temperature  -30C to 66C 
Storage Temperature  -40C to 80C 

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