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  The IRCAM EPM Package is a powerful thermal imaging solution that is rugged and one of the easiest cameras to use. We have a limited supply of these low cost full color temperature measurement systems in stock.
The IR-cam EPM series infrared camera is a compact hand held thermography system which offers color thermal imagery along with onboard accurate TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT in F or C units. Ergonmic placement of all controls allows for easy use in the real world.


Electrical PDM

  The onboard accurate measurement features display temperatures in F or C at the temp meter \"+\" The temperature value at the point of the spot meter is displayed on the top right side of the screen labeled as \"Spot\". The Minimum temperature of The scene is displayed at the bottom of the scale next to \"min f.\". The Maximum temperature of the scene is displayed at the top of the scale next to the \"max f.\" This image of a 3 phase electrical circuit breaker shows that one phase is hot. Note that the wire is also showing up as hot. This type of thermal anomaly will usually indicate that we have a loose or dirty connection at this point. You can see from this image how an infrared camera can help you to spot problems before they become disasters.
This is a thermal infrared image of a standard outdoor residential transformer taken with the IRCAM-EPM camera system. The box is showing an outside temperature of 110 degrees F at the crosshair. The ambient temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees F which gives us a temperature rise of around 50 degrees on the outside of the box. The IRCAM EPM infrared camera is ideal for outdoor scanning. The hardened chassis on the IR-cam EPM flir system offers IP54 housing and a 24 G shock rating which is ideal for any thermal inspection even within the harshest environment.


Mechanical PDM

  Acquiring thermal images just got simple. The portable lightweight IR-CAM EPM Thermal infrared system offers uncooled Microbolometer Technology with accurate temperature measurement. The systems broad range sensor allows for a wide range of temperature ranges to be delivered instantly and accurately. The EPM is a perfect tool for all your mechanical predictive maintenance needs. You can quickly and accurately scan bearings, motors, shafts, assembly equipment and any other component were heat or friction would indicate a problem.
Energy Audit
*One button auto image acquisition and correction
*Multiple color/black & white color palettes
*Color/black and white image modes with reverse polarity
*Spot temperature measurement with Minimum and Maximum temperature scale in F or C
*Digital image recall and storage via compact flash card
*Post scan downloaded images easily covert to reports, emails and presentations

The iR-CAM EPM has electronic focus features with a windows type internal menus with drop down selections. 4 simple to use button controls allow ease of use.


» Specifications

Detector Type  Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array 
Temperature Measurement Range  -20C to +350C (-4F to + 662 F) up to +2000 F (OPTIONAL) 
Lens  Germanium hardened 24 degree user focusable 
Focal Range  10" to Infinity (electronic) 
IR Camera Output  NTSC / RS-170 (rca jack) or CCIR / PAL High resolution color eyepiece 
Optional Camera Output  EXTERNAL LCD 4" anti glare screen (OPTIONAL) 
Radiometric Temperature  +/- 2c sensitivity, automatic imaging 
Temperature Correction  Humidity, atmospheric pressure, Background temperature 
Image Storage  removable ATA Compact Flash image storage media 
Control Panel Ergonomics  Easy ergonomic windows style internal menu with user selectable functions 
Imaging Features  instant auto image correction, multiple color + black & white Thermal Palletes 
Power Source  2 hour removable smart battery w/1 hour charge time 
Operating Temperature  -15 C to +50 C 
Storage Temperature  -40 C to +70 C (10% to 95% humidity) 
Housing  IP54 fully sealed, dustproof, ruggedized chassis 
Shock Rating  24 G 
Vibration Rating  2 G 
Weight  1.9 kg 

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