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Nikon Radiometric Camera


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  This is one of the highest resolution thermal camera systems ever designed. The Nikon name is world renowned for quality photographic equipment. The Nikon thermal imager is no exception. The features and performance of this imaging system will surprise you. Limited stock of demo models are available. Contact us ASAP to discuss this amazing piece of imaging equipment.
The Nikon thermal infrared imaging system uses a high technology 475 x 442 pixel Platinum Scilicide Schottky Barrier infrared CCD thermal detector that boasts up to 270,000 pixel resolution. This FPA technology represents one of the highest resolution arrays currently available and produces stunning full color thermal images and video. The camera is designed and assembled to the high standards of Nikon imaging company. You will be impressed with the performance of this system.  
  The unsurpassed pixel count of the Nikon thermal infrared imaging system produces sharp high resolution results of PCB components. The Pentium chip is operating without a cooling fan. You can see the traces and the effect of the heat dissipating across the adjacent components.
This image of a Space Walker heatsink illustrates the power of thermal infrared imaging systems (like the Nikon) in PCB R&D analysis. You can easily see how the heat sink is performing. You can gain valuable information about the effectiveness of the heat sink as well as make a determination of who well it is bonded to the underlying component.  
  The Nikon thermal infrared camera system is the perfect tool for medical human analysis. You can accurately image heat anomalies in the human body. You can gain insight into vascular blood flow, inflamation and other human conditions. Many researchers are using infrared technology in the fight against breast cancer.
The Nikon thermal imaging system offers several user selectable image color palettes to aid in your analysis. The Grey-Scale palette is often used for maximum image recognition and background detail. You can clearly see in this image the traces on the board that are cool as well as the hot components of interest.  
  Thermal product analysis is used for more than just internal PCB and related component inspection. The infrared cameras are an ideal choice for overall product quality assurance. You can easily see the way your product retains and dissipates heat through the lens of the thermal imaging system. This laptop is under normal operation and you can image the entire product with just one picture.


» Specifications » 3D Model


Detector Type  270,000 pixel PtSi Schottkey Barrier IR CCD 
Spectral Response  3 to 5 micron 
Effective Number of Pixels  475H x 442V 
Total Number of Pixels  537H x 505V 
Cooloing Method  Stirling cooler 
Frame Rate  1/60 sec. (30hz) 
Observable Temperature Range  -20 to +250C (-4 to 482F) 
NETD  .09C (average image integration) 
Optics  21mm f/1.2 
FOV  19.4H x 14.5V 
Focus Distance  50cm to infinity 
Video Output  2 pin mini (NTSC 1Vp-p/75ohm) 
LCD Jack  12 pin 
Power  3-pin 12VDC 
Digital Serial Interface  50-pin 
Dimensions  3.9"W x 4.7"D x 8.5"H (98 x 120 x 215 mm) 
Weight  5.5lbs. (2.5kg) 
Operating Temperature  0 to 40C 
Storage Temperature  -20 to 70C 
Image Storage  PCMCIA image storage 


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