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PD-300 Infrared Camera
  The PtSi sensor in this radiometric infrared imaging system produces one of the finest images of all time. Accurate temperature measurement, vivid color paletes and digital image storage make this unit a well rounded package. There are a very limited number of demo / pre-owned PD300 packages left in existence. Contact one of our thermographic specialists to check price and availability of this exceptional performer.
This state of the art system is an extremely effective tool when detailed imaging and temperature measurement are required. This PD300 image of 3 fuses illustrates the benefits of using thermal imaging as a predictive maintenance tool. The left fuse clearly shows a loose connection which through the infrared camera is displayed as a hot spot @ 225 degrees F.
  This PD300 Thermal image of the interior of a residential home shows the incredible detail that this imager is capable of resolving. You can accurately image the most subtle of temperature differences with this system. In this image the black areas represent poor or missing insulation and you can clearly see the location of the framing studs behind the drywall. This particular infrared image also displays temperature data at P1, P2, and P3. The PD300 is fully radiometric and capable of performing complex temperature analysis through a variety of software suites currently available.
This exterior thermal infrared image of a residential structure pinpoints areas of heat loss in the customers home. You can see by the scale to the right of the image how the color pallete correlates to the temperature scale. The PD-300 is also capable of spot temperature measurements.
The PD300 offers a unique selection of high power optics for detailed thermal analysis of small objects. MicroScopeIR thermal photo of a 10 cent US coin dime) - The top image is with the standard MicroScopeIR lens in GOLD color pallete, the bottom photo is shown with the microscope optic and the digital zoom function of the PD300 in GREY-RED color pallete. Take a dime out of your pocket to get a feel for how small these words really are!
This is another close focus image of a coin that illustrates the microscopic ability of the PD300 system. We can perform detailed analysis of your components or provide you with a package to do the analysis in house at your facility. Take a penny out of your pocket and look at the back side. This is a close up image of honest abe (which you can barely see) and the steps leading to abe (which are virtually invisible to the naked eye).

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System Type  Focal plane array infrared camera 
Spectral Range  3.6 to 5 microns 
Temperature Measurement Range  -10° to 450°C (std) - up to +1500c 
Field of View  17° (H) x 13° (V) with 25mm lens 
Cooling  Linear stirling cooler 
Spatial Resolution  1.0 mrad (IFOV) 
Minimum Discernable Temperature  <0.1°C @ 30°C 
Image Update Rate  60 Hz (50 Hz for Pal) 
Infrared Dynamic Range  12 bits 
Emmissivity Setting  0.05 to 1.0 in 0.01 increments 
Color/Gray Levels  256 or 16, user selectable 
Color Palettes  Color or monochrome, user selectable 
Display Type  Color LCD viewfinder -DS / B&W - SP 
Image Storage Capacity  300+ images per std PC image card 
Power  Battery, 6 hour run time / optional 110v AC power supply + control BO box 
Operating Temperature  -10°C to 45°C 
Camera Weight (w/lens & viewfinder)  6.5 POUNDS (3 kg) 
Camera Size  8.75 x 5.0 x 5.5 inches (222 x 127 x 140 mm) 

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